Home life, Surgery & what’s next?

It’s been a few months since my last post so I thought i’d be productive and write an update on what i’ve been up to since dislocating my shoulder at the Park City race in Utah back in February.

Since the race, life has pretty much all evolved around my shoulder. After hoping to get an MRI scan in either Winter Park or Denver my travel insurance eventually decided that it was not critical and therefore flew me back to the UK so i could see a consultant and get an MRI scan (if necessary) through the NHS. Therefore i flew home a few weeks earlier than planned which wasn’t a bad thing really. If you can’t ski there really isn’t alot left to do in a ski resort.

Once back home i spoke with my doctor and got an MRI Scan booked pretty quickly. I was keen to know the outcome of the scan as i needed it to be good news to ensure i could enter the Austrian and British National Champions as planned. But, as you can guess from the title it was bad news. The consultant confirmed i had a full tear of my supraspinatus (rotator cuff) which would need surgery 😦 . It was so frustrating to hear the word ‘Surgery’, especially on my shoulder as i knew from that point it would be a long few months.

We (me, Charlotte & the doc) discussed the options and whether or not to have the surgery as by this point my shoulder wasn’t affecting me too much but the consultant strongly advised to have the surgery as if i delayed it or didn’t have it, it would be very likely that i would have long term problems in later life. So of course i did the sensible thing and said yes.

The consultant was really understanding and after discussion he told me i would have the surgery within a month but the recovery time would be 3 months, the majority of that would require me to wear a sling to immobilise my shoulder.

The recovery phase..

So i had the surgery two weeks ago today. The surgeon said it went really well so after a couple of days in hospital i went home to continue my recovery. It was a pretty hard first week, struggling to sleep and working out how to get around the house with one arm! Charlotte has been amazing throughout as always and has done pretty much everything for me. She’s in the process of launching a health food product so has been busy cooking & baking which of course i have tasted everything produced to give her my verdict!

Things are now getting there, i haven’t needed to take any pain meds during the day for the last few days, sleeping much better and have finally worked out how to get around the house and do all my transfers one handed (with the aid of a transfer board)!

I thought i had shoulder surgery, not elbow surgery!


What’s next..

I should be seeing the consultant within the next two weeks where hopefully i’ll be cleared to start taking my arm out of the sling and putting some weight through it. Then it’s just a case of waiting for the green light so i can start the rehab with my friend ‘the theraband’ and get back in the gym to start training again.

Will update you all later in the summer when i hopefully have some more exciting news!

As always, thank you for taking the time to read this.

















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