Park City races – Well that didn’t go to plan!

Soo, I am sat in my condo after being stuck indoors with no skiing for the last 5days due to dislocating my shoulder. I did it on the 2nd day of racing at Park City last week 😦 . I wasn’t planning to update you all for another few weeks but seeing as I am lost for things to do at the moment, I thought I’d update you all early. To say I’m disappointed about my shoulder is putting it very mildly!

The team left to drive to the race last Monday at 6am with Me, Mike and Brian (coach) driving the NSCD rig and trailer across country and arriving to Park City, Utah late that afternoon!

The NSCD rig and trailer!

We arrived to the resort (in the rain) early the following day for our first day of Giant Slalom racing. The event was called the Huntsman Cup and NSCD accounted for a large number of the entries in all classes.

Race Day 1

It was an interesting day with most of the racers having to wait at the start gate for their runs soaking wet as it rained nearly all day (I thought I escaped rain leaving the UK!). The course was fun with a steep pitch for the first 4-6 gates before levelling out towards the bottom.

Race Day!!

The time from two runs made up my overall race result and I wasn’t happy with my time in the first run. I skied way to cautiously. I really didn’t want to fall or miss a gate getting knocked out of the 2nd run so when It came to my 2nd run, I was really fired up as I wanted to prove myself! I managed to take 6.5 secs off my 2nd run (including a minor detour which cost me a few secs) so was really happy. If I never made the small mistake my time would of been close the people I hoped to compete with.

Race Day 2

Thankfully, after a day of getting wet the day before, it was a much colder and clearer day for the 2nd day of Giant Slalom. Also due to the rain and wet snow on day 1, the conditions were perfect! Cold and hard snow! I was feeling good after my last run so was egger to get started, so me and Big Yo (my team mate) went for a couple of warm up runs before the race.

This didn’t end well as whilst slowly down at the bottom of the run before getting to the chairlift, I lost the edge of my ski and fell dislocating my shoulder (out the back of my socket). I have fallen hundreds of times without an issue but this time I somehow managed to get my arm behind me as I fell so landed with all the force through my shoulder 😦 . I knew instantly that I dislocated it and it was only a few seconds before Big Yo and another skier caught up with me to find out why I was swearing and shouting!

I tried to get them to pop my shoulder back in but neither of them were too sure what to do so called ski patrol and waited with me. Once ski patrol arrived I asked the same question. They assessed my shoulder and because they were worried I had broken my shoulder blade and potential caused nerve damage (as I couldn’t feel my arm), they didn’t want to move my shoulder without an x-ray. Therefore that left them with the only option (which I really didn’t want) which was to sled me down the mountain with my shoulder still out and call an ambulance to take me to the hospital. Thankfully the ride to the hospital wasn’t too long.

The staff at the hospital were great but at this point I was begging them for some pain killers! It was nearly 2 hours after I fell on the mountain. After cutting off my new NSCD ski jacket and under layers they assessed my shoulder and were also worried I may have broken my shoulder blade and even my humerus bone (upper arm) so thankfully after the assessment they finally put in an IV and gave me some strong pain killers to calm me down. Then after an x-ray the doctor confirmed that it was just a dislocation and no broken bones!

Because I was still in so much pain and the dislocation was more difficult due to popping out the back of the socket, the doctor agreed to put me under to relocate the shoulder rather than keep me awake (Phew!).

Me relieved (and pretty high on pain killlers) after having my shoulder put back in.

When I came around the pain relief was almost instant although my arm and shoulder were very sore!

What next?

After spending a few days stuck in a hotel room waiting for the races to finish, I am now back in Winter Park trying to recover as fast as possible so I can get back skiing! My shoulder thankfully is getting better by the day but I still cannot lift my arm to the side so am hoping to get an MRI scan in the next few days to find out how long this is going to take before I can get back to training. I have both the Austrian and British National champs in late March so it better heal up soon!

Thanks for taking the time to read this.


One thought on “Park City races – Well that didn’t go to plan!”

  1. M8 I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had a crap time .
    Hope u get back to fighting fit soon.
    I’m sure with your determination you’ll be back at it asap.
    By the way don’t worry about the new jacket Naomi’s very good a sowing I’m sure she can make it like new 🤔👍


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