Arriving at Winter Park, training with the NSCD and preparing for Park City, Utah!

I write this sat at home in my condo having just got back from the gym on a day off from skiing. I’ve been here for 5 weeks now having flown out on New Years Eve with Charlotte. Time really does fly when you’re having fun as I can’t believe I’ve been here that long already!

It was definitely a slow start to training when I first got here. For the first few days me and Charlotte just free skied, got used to the altitude (the submit is over 12,000ft in Winter Park) and I got used to some changes I made to my sitski after the GB camp in December.

Then over the next week we had an incredible amount of snow! It added up to nearly 6ft in 6 days meaning training got cancelled for a few days. We had a great couple of days free skiing but to be honest (and I never thought id say this), I was over powder days in the end and just wanted to train some gates! Then finally after nearly two weeks of being here the weather cleared and we started getting into our routine training race gates 5 days a week.

  I never thought i’d say I’m over skiing powder days!

The NSCD (National Sports Center for Disabled) is a very well known and well recognised program for adaptive skiing, so I’m training with a great group of people all trying to reach the same goal.

We have been training Slalom, Giant Slalom and Super G 5days a week and doing both morning and afternoon sessions with video analysis after each session. Although I didn’t have the best start and struggled in the beginning, I really feel over the last 3 weeks my speed and line through the course has improved dramatically! Between the coaching from Scott, Erik and Brian (the coaches), reviewing video, changing my setup and learning from other sit skiers it has made a big difference in my skiing.

It was great having Charlotte here with me for the first 3 weeks. She has been so supportive and helpful since I made the decision to race. She’s been filming me at every training session, my personal trainer at the gym and very patient with me in the first two weeks when I was constantly changing my suspension trying to get a better setup. I’d be lying if I’d say I was a joy to be around for those challenging couple of days! Unfortunately after 3 weeks Charlotte had

 I really feel over the last 3 weeks my speed and line through the course has improved dramatically!

to go home to continue studying and go back to work so we went to Denver for a couple of days before her flight. We did some sight seeing and cultural things like go see the Star Wars costume exhibition at the Denver art gallery and went out for a great Italian meal after eating on the cheap for most of the last 3 weeks! Of course as soon as we left Winter Park to go to Denver I was ill for a few days.

Since then Charlotte has continued her roll as my assistant/coach by logging onto Sprongo (website my training videos are stored) and watching both mind and everyone else’s videos each day as well as watching all the IPC Para World Alpine Championships in Tarvisio, Italy live to give me tips on what I need to do to improve my skiing.

A break from training in Denver

Since Charlotte went home I have moved in with Laurie Squirell (a female Brit also trying to make the GB team as well as Mike Foti (token Aussie trying to make his national team) For the remainder of my trip in Winter Park who have been great to live with.

After the last 3 days of GS training we now have one more slalom training session before my next races at Park City, Utah which we leave for early Monday morning. I’m really looking forward to these races as I finally feel prepared after some consistent gate training!

Will update you all on my results!


If you would like to see some clips of me skiing including some footage of my training runs please go to my Facebook or Instagram feeds below:



2 thoughts on “Arriving at Winter Park, training with the NSCD and preparing for Park City, Utah!”

  1. Hey Scottie

    Really enjoyed reading your recent blog and sounds like your doing a brilliant job, also working extremely hard! I hope I get to see 6ft of snow one day 😄 I will await your next installment. Take care and happy training, Jos xx


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