Scott became partially paralysed in March 2007 due to a Motocross accident. At the time Scott was in pre-season training for up and coming regional events. Following his accident, doctors told Scott he only had a 5% chance of walking again. After 6 months of intensive rehab at the Duke of Cornwall Spinal Unit based in Salisbury, Wiltshire and a further 12months of self led rehabilitation, Scott defied all expectations by regaining partial use of both his legs. He is now able to walk short distances with the aid or crutches, although he is predominately uses a wheelchair.

Doctors told Scott he only had a 5% chance of walking again.

During Scott’s rehabilitation phase in hospital, he met former Winter Paralympian and Member of the British Disabled Ski Team – Talon Skeels-Piggins. It was during Scott’s chat with Talon, alongside watching multiple videos of Talon’s skiing, that Scott knew Adaptive Skiing would be a sport for him!  Prior to Scott’s accident he had been competing in Motocross events for 15 years, since the age of 6. Therefore after his accident he had missed the adrenaline rush from competing & racing – he felt that Adaptive Skiing would once again create this buzz.

Following rehab, Scott went on a ski course to learn how to sit ski in Winter Park, Colorado with ‘The Back Up Trust’, a charity who support people with spinal cord injuries. After returning from the 10 day course Scott found himself with a renewed passion for sport!  Three weeks after the course, Scott (with the help of his family), went to France to purchase his own Tessier Scarver sit ski.

‘The Back Up Trust’, a charity who support people with spinal cord injuries.

Since purchasing his own Sit Ski, Scott had always had a desire to compete in Adaptive ski racing. However due to work commitments and the tremendous costs associated to the sport, he was unable to pursue with his dream. However after working hard, persistent saving of money and the go-ahead from his supportive girlfriend, he decided to go for it!

Scott is currently training full time with the National Sport Center for Disabled (NSCD) alongside training with ParaSnowsportGB as an Invitational Athlete. He is competing in IPC (International Paralympic Committee) events with aspirations to qualify for the Paralympic Games in Pyeongchang in 2018.

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  1. Scott you are an inspiration to everyone that knows you and we are all very lucky to be able to say that we know such a charming , kind and gentle young man , you are a credit to your dad and mum xxx
    Here’s to a shelf full of the old dust collector trophies 🏆

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